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30 Day Challagne: Day "Isitoverwith" 4

28 June 2013

Nothing ever goes as expected. Today was no exception.

I was looking forward to this for the longest! When I could call myself a homeowner!
Today was SUPPOSE to be that day. However, It wasn't

Things got delayed. Which is cool. I was disappointed but not highly. My copy of my POA (the new one I had to get 5 DAYS BEFORE CLOSING, because the old one wasn't good enough) wasn't good enough. Even when my Loan Officer said it would be. We needed the original , which was sent from my husband, but it takes quite a bit of time for anything to get here from a deployed location. Which the bank was well aware of but did not pass the word to the title office, which turn me down. No problem. we will close when I get it.

However. . .
When I spoke to the owners, face to face, I told them my situation and what happened (me having to be out of base housing a certain time) and told me they didn't mind if we went ahead and moved in. Obviously, we had to work it out with our realtors, but I spent a good few hours talking to the homeowners. She was AWESOME! She had the garden and the front of the house decorated with flags for us, and left of paint, bought painting supplies, tile stuff, gave us a few work benches for the shop, she was just extremely generous and kind to us!

Well anyways, here is where it gets shitty.

So apparently the realtor that works for the homeowners, says we can't move in early NO MATTER WHAT. There are temp rental agreements where we can put a deposit down to move in early until the house closes. They REFUSED TO WORK WITH US. The company shot down every offer we had and made it sound like it was the OWNERS who shot down everything. Funny because the owner and I have been in contact and she swears up and down that they are telling her that she is not allowed to let me move in early. . .she owns the home, not the company. She was quite agitated herself, but she was very encouraging to me! Our realtor, J (who rocks and has worked really hard for us) tried everything. After being super upset about the situation, I called our loan officer to let him know of the day's events. . . well, lets just say he is quite pissed about the way the company treated J and myself. . .so he is doing everything he can to make sure they "do the right thing."

So that was the day. I'm still optimistic put still kinda pissy about today. I think I'm allowed to be. I know things happen and I understand that. I know we will close and no worries.
I am just SOO happy that my Mother-in-laws are here! They have helped so much with the kids and keeping them occupied while I take care of all of this!

So have a drink with me! Cheers to "better luck next time, kid!" *klink!*

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  1. Well, blah to all of that!! At least you are looking at the bright side, and have some family with you! Love you, and hang in there! (Only 26 days left!! Go you!)