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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7 My Musical life!

02 July 2013

Remember when I said yesterday, "I smell a blog!!" I wasn't joking. Music is a HUGE part of my life.

When I was little, my mom would always tell me the story of how I was playing some Pocahontas song on my little keyboard, matching every note, and calling everyone to tell them. . .lol I guess she though I was going to be a prodigy. . .sorry . .
I loved making up songs and I loved singing!

My parents decided to sign me up for Piano lessons. I loved playing piano, but I hated the lessons and hated practicing. I just wanted to play what I wanted, when I wanted. At the time, My brother took guitar lessons. We had the same teacher. (she gave lesson to one of the guitarist in the band Collective Soul) I'm so happy that my brother and I shared the same passion for music. It has always kept us close.

In middle school, I joined band, and played french horn, and trumpet. When I moved to Louisiana after my parents divorce, I played until my 8th grade year, because our band teacher wouldn't let us join sports. Screw that! I've been playing basketball longer than I played piano! I wanted to play ball!

I still had my music fix met. I started to sing. I loved hanging with my brother and my friends at church, playing guitar and singing. It was just so amazing! One good friend, Wade, started it all! This was the first person I have ever sang in front of. . .yeah dude, you should feel special! We would always jam! I'm defiantly thankful that he brought out my confidence.

I decided I wanted to learn how to play bass guitar, so, for my birthday, my brother got me my very first bass guitar! It was a greenish-gray, sparkly,  ESP LTD B-50, and boy did I LOVE IT!!! That was my baby! I learned how to play. Afterwords, I started to learn how to play guitar. My very first acoustic guitar, was an Alvarez, acoustic-electric, boy did she sound pretty (not as pretty as my brother's Washburn!). I started singing for church and I started feeling so comfortable singing.

My brother and I playing

In High school, I joined a band, Fire On Friday, playing bass and providing backing vocals. Those guys are awesome! We have all went different ways in life. Sorin is still a BAD-ASS guitarist and in the United States Air Force, Ben is married, and is a teacher, and Christian is still pursuing music with his band Christ, Lord (which is awesome by the way!) It's amazing what time has done for us! I am very proud of them and I love each and every one of them like they are my brothers! Hanging with them was the highlight of my teenage years!

Fire On Friday ;)

Once I joined the Air Force, I played with a church band for a while, and then when I married my husband, and found out I was pregnant, I left and focused on my family. I still play and sing for my kids. I love doing that. I hope I can instill the same love of music in them as I had in me. When me and my brother get together, we try to make time to jam! :)

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