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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Worry About My Children In Public. . . .

21 January 2015

Seems like now-a-days, people are taking to social media to vent their frustrations about having to hear children during their "Me Time." They complain about crying, and whining, and kids just being kids. Some feel it necessary to give you unsolicited advice, or even tell you to shut your kid up. I get it. I hate whining and crying just as much as the next person. I hate it even more when it comes from adults. So here is a list I compiled, 5 reasons why you need to mind your own fucking business, eh, I mean, 5 reasons why you shouldn't worry about my child in public.

1.) My kid is driving me nuts, and stressing me out. However, I know what works for my kid and what doesn't. Your advice is not wanted at that time. It's not your kid. Just be thankful that you aren't the one dealing with it, smile, and move the hell along!
2.) Oh, I'm sorry. My kids are at the hair salon with me and it bothers you because it's cutting into your "Me Time?" How deeply sorry I am! NOT! Really. I would love some me time, too. But as you can see, the only way I can get anything done is if I bring them along. Not all of us have the luxury of a nanny or a baby sitter. My kids need their hair done, too. Like I said in #1, My kid, not yours. You don't have to deal with them. I do.

3.) My child might be crying or throwing a tantrum in public. It happens. It comes with the territory. I will do what is necessary to calm the situation down. I'm already 10 steps ahead of what you are thinking. When you ask me to quiet my child down, you may get an angry response from a stressed out parent. Hell, we might even hand our child to you if you think you can do a better job. You have been warned. . .

4.) I completely get that there are some places you just don't take your kids. I.E. strip clubs. . . Okay, okay, and into fine dining places. Outback or Fridays, is not fine dinning. If there is a kids menu, it's family friendly. If you don't like my kids being there, go elsewhere. Don't complain to me or the manager about how you are disgusted with the way my young children eat, when you can't even chew with your mouth closed. Plus, they are young. Mind your business and stop looking at us, you creeper!

5.) Yes. I will take my 5 year old daughter to get her nails done, with me. She likes to say "hi" to people. She is polite and friendly. If she attempts to talk your ear off, I will nip it in the butt. No need for dirty looks or being an ass to my child. Even if she has finished talking to you half an hour ago, don't give me disgusted looks. Enjoy your pedi. No one is bothering you.

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