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30 Day Challange!! DAY 1

25 June 2013

Sooo. . .30 day blog challenge you say?  BRING IT, FOOL!!

Ehhh. . . I may be the one looking like a fool, if this ends up being the first AND last blog for this challenge, but dang it, I will sure try!

So I figured a good start would be to write about the days leading to my husband's homecoming. . .which is 30 days (more or less) away!!!

So as most of you know, we are in the process of buying a house (closing should be this week!!!), and for those who don't know. . . I'm purchasing a house. . .there it is! So right now I'm dealing with packing, moving, setting everything up (utilities, security system, tv, etc.) wrangling 2 kiddos, moving, and unpacking! I've been pretty stressed but it's worth it!! My goal is to get it all finished before my husband comes  home so all he has to worry about  is coming home and sitting on his tush! So you will now get a play-by-play from me! You may even hear me bitch a little! WOOH HOO!!

Day 1:
Fuck packing. I hate it. . .

I better get use to it, though!  Our family has a good 13 years left of this!

My kids have decided to act like animals today, so I decided packing can wait until bed time! Wish me luck! I'm going to need lots of coffee! I would drink wine and pack, but alcohol makes me sleepy. . .so I better not.

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  1. LOVE the new layout! Much less, black pit of despair! lol Love you!! Only 29 days to go!! You can do it!! ;)