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30 Day Challenge: Day 2

26 June 2013

It's only 9:51 AM and i'm already freaking out.

I swear, I freak out over the littlest things. When I get anxious, I get pretty grouchy. . .*sigh*

I know what the worst that would happen would be: That the closing date will get pushed back. Big deal. So I have to wait to move in. But each day that goes by that I don't have those keys, is a day that I'm losing to make sure everything is perfect for when my husband arrives. He says he doesn't care if there are boxes everywhere, he will just be happy to be home. I know that. But I CARE! I don't want him worrying about a single thing when he gets here.
I know I might whine and complain with how hard it is to have him gone, but he has it worse. He is alone in a strange place. I know its very hard for him not to be here. I honesty can't imagine being away from my husband and kids. . .It would drive me nuts! I admire him so much for what he does.

Anyways, I'm hoping to hear something soon. . .

Is the anticipation killing you, too? Well, at least I'm not alone! lol


  1. Which country is your husband deployed to right now?

  2. Hope you get those keys soon! Day 2 down!! Look at you go!! Only 28 left!! Love you!!