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The Princess, The Knight, and the Not-So-Scary Dragon

12 June 2013

I'm a dragon. I just want to rest for a second. I crawl around on the floor, cautious of any crazy dragon slayers that may be out there. . . .I find a seemingly safe spot. I rest.

Maybe I'm not safe. I feel like I'm being watched, but by who? I smell humans. . .uh oh. . .

As soon as I start to look around, here come the bold knight and the princess, making a mad dash towards me! Oh no! I have no escape! Since flight is obviously out of the question, I must say and fight! I carefully plan my attack. . .I would go after the knight first! Well the princess isn't having that and she attacks me. . .great. Two against one. I may be bigger, but I am certainly losing! It's just not fair!! I manage to get the princess on the ground. I go back after the knight. He just seems to want to hug me. . .weird. Um okay then? I'll hug you? This isn't quite what I was expecting! The princess jumps back in and manages to tackle me onto the ground! She sure is a strong little thing! Then she jumps on my stomach! OUCH!

TIME OUT!!! Autumn, You can't jump on mommy like that! That hurts. . .Let me catch my breath. . . .


So after that unfair blow, I have seemed to find her weakness! TICKLES!! These humans are strange creatures. Even in the face of danger, they still fall over and laugh if you go for the armpits. . .No matter! It's working to my advantage! I get them incapacitated, and run for the hills. . .I'm sorta slow on four legs. . .they quickly catch up! They have learned quick. . .well at least the princess has, the knight just wants to keep hugging me. . . .weird. She gets on my back. I can't seem to throw her off!

Finally the princess suddenly turns into a pirate! What black magic is this?! Well if you can change into a pirate, I'm going to change into a flying dragon, and fly my way out of here! Apparently that's cheating. . . The pirate takes out her sword, and slays me. . .right in the arm. . .and then tells me I'm suppose to be a dead dragon now. . .even though it is a flesh wound, I put on a dramatic exit from this world. . .It doesn't seem very fair though! I mean, it was my arm for crying out loud!!!!! The princess. . .eh . . .I mean, pirate, rejoices, and the knight seems to be using me as a pillow. . .

Okay kids, you slayed the dragon, now it's time to slay that room of yours! Go clean up!

That's another epic battle for another day! ;)

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