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30 Day Challenge: Opinions bring out the worst.

01 July 2013

We all have different opinions. So what? It seems that people tend to get butt hurt about them.  People want to ask you for them, and if they don't like what you have to say, you are a demon. . .If you're lucky, you might have some Holy Water dumped on you. . . My question is, why?

In an ideal world, we expect everyone to be tolerant of what we believe in, while we are tolerant of what others believe in. Does that happen? Sometimes.
Is it realistic? No. Instead, we expect others to be tolerant of what we believe but that's as far as it goes. If you don't believe what someone else believes, you are WRONG. Really? So you're telling me you want me to respect your views, when you can't respect mine? Psh. . .get real!

What ever happened to debating, but being respectful? To hearing all sides of the story instead of being completely closed off, or having blinders on? What ever happened to honesty? Whatever happened to being able to think with the brain that God gave us, and not hiding behind a book written by man? Do we actually think about what we say, or are we programmed to say it and have a dictionary answer for everything? Whether you are Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Judaism, or whatever, we all have opinions that we want respected, but yet we don't want to respect other's views. But are those views from you or from something a group of people say are right? Whatever it is, Don't expect tolerance if you cant tolerate others. . .

Honestly, we can never solve any issues if we just agree to disagree.  Someone is always going to have to compromise. . .but what happens when neither side are willing to give? You get one side against another, a boxing match, and a fight to the death. The strongest man wins. In this instance, the strongest words, and the most persuasive speech wins.

There is also a difference between opinions, and hate. Please don't get the two confused and spew hate and false statements to better back your claim. That makes you stupid, in my opinion. . .(like what I did there?)
The WBC is a great example of that. No respect for others, just hatred.

Let's just have a little respect for one another. I promise to tolerate your views if you promise to tolerate mine.