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Dinner! Roasted Chicken! As seen on Disney Channel's, "That's Fresh!"

13 July 2013

OMG!!!! This recipe is definitely a keeper, folks!! The chicken comes out so moist and tender with crispy skin. . .NOMNOMNOM!! It's so incredibly simple! Like Helen Cavallo, from "That's Fresh" says, "It's so easy, you're laughing!" 

I enjoy watching her little shorts on Disney's "Night Light".  This is one that I wanted to try among other things, (like her Cauliflower Au Gratin) but just never actually think to do it until after dinner. . .(why can't they play this in the morning so I can get dinner ideas then?!?!?) Well, here is her recipe, (in my own picture words) Roasted Chicken!

Here is what you need!
Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Balsamic Vinegar or Red Wine Vinegar (I didn't have either so I used Sherry, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Dijon Mustard, Half of a Lemon, Shallots (I just used regular onion.) Garlic and a tad of water.

My Knife skills suck for "fine chopping" So this little baby does the trick with the onion and garlic.

Combine all ingredients (except water and salt) and there is your marinade. I believe it's suppose to be slightly thicker, but oh well. You live and learn. It should be somewhat of a paste.

Get your chicken nice and washed, with cold water, and then pat dry. Put in a cast iron skillet. Add salt to chicken and rub it in! After that, pour your marinade/paste all over the chicken! Give that chicken some lovin'!  After you rub it down, cook on the stove on high for 10-15 mins. Also an option, to cut down on cooking time, you can cut out the back bone of the chicken. I didn't do it here so my cook time took a little longer.

After you cook it on the stove top, Place in a 450 degree oven for 30 mins (if back bone is cut out) or for 1 hour. If you cook it for an hour, make sure you flip 'er half way through! You can tell when it's done when the juices run clear and the skin is nice and golden brown and crispy! Like this below. . . .

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Let your chicken take a little rest before carving it!  This chicken falls off the bone!!!!!

VOILA! Dinner is served!  The chicken is complimented with Herb Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli!  It certainly was a big hit with the kiddos!


  1. oh that looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. I've actually never seen the shorts but will now be looking out for them. :)

    1. Not a problem! I love cooking! She comes on at night, but you can also go on Disney Jr.'s website and find her! :)

  2. YUM!! I want to come to dinner at your house! I love cooking whole chickens (I love crispy skin hehe) I will have to try this next time!! Thanks for sharing!!