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Bedtime? *sigh*

12 July 2013

Oh bedtime! You could not come soon enough! The kiddos are sleeping, and mommy is having some peace a quiet time!

. . .that was, until my 3 year old became terrified of EVERYTHING!!!

This is a tough one. I've been so exhausted and so tired. I have begun to cave in easily. She literally has me remove every stuffed animal out of her room, and rearrange stuff so it doesn't seem so scary. All this just to get a couple hours of sleep, only to be woken by my child to tell me she is scared.

I know being scared is a real thing. But I don't want her to be scared of everything forever. Mommy can't always protect her, although I would love too, but she has to figure it out for herself I guess. I know it sounds cruel. . .I may be going about this the wrong way. . .

I use to just put her back to bed, and assure her that everything was okay. Nothing was going to hurt her, and all her toys are like little soldiers, protecting her from all the scary stuff, gave her a kiss and said goodnight.

Not anymore.

As soon as she runs out of her room and into mine, I just lay her down in my bed, so we could both get some sleep. Wrong. I know. It's not that I was lazy, but just exhausted, and wanted to make life a little easier. But I sure the hell don't want my child sleeping in my bed with me forever!

It's time for a "no excuse" approach for me. If I don't fix this, I may as well set my room up for her, which is MY space! I'll be damned if I give it up since the kids invade every other space in the house.  Time for me to be a good mom and get her back on track. (Not that i'm completely questioning if I'm a good momma or not.)

I just want MY bed back!!

We shall see how strong my will power is tonight.


  1. I'm having that problem with my 17 month old. It seems like she never wants to sleep in her own bed and not because she's scared. It's so frustrating. Besides me just locking her in and letting her scream which may make me a bad mommy I can't figure out what to do. I want my bed back too. :)

    1. Sometimes that's all we can do, is lock them in and let them cry. I feel like a bad mommy to, but they need to learn momma means business! Lol I'm at a loss as well!