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Things never go as planned. It Might be for a good reason.

11 July 2013

These past few days have been crazy! Nothing went like it was suppose to!

When the whole "House hunting" thing started, it seemed to hard find the perfect home. One that will be the right size for us and all of our "junk" the we acquired over the years. The first home I found seemed perfect! It was beautiful and spacious! I put in my offer and it was accepted! I was so excited. . . until it was time for inspection. There were so many things wrong with the foundation, it wasn't even funny! Cracks everywhere! I guess water was washing the foundation away and making it sink little by little. I certainly didn't want that on my hands, so I opted out and continued my search. I was a little disappointed but i figured the next one that would come along would probably be bigger and better! It was! A huge house! More than enough space for what we needed! It was beautiful! It was a foreclosed home, so i figured this house was a steal! Once again, I put in an offer. Every offer I put in was rejected. Really? The more that house sat there, the more it was going to cost the bank! I figured they would be happy to have someone take it off their hands! In between the first two houses, I had looked at so many and didn't see one that would suit us! I was so frustrated. It's hard enough doing this on your own and with two kids in the mix, just made it that much more difficult. I wanted to find an home before my husband came home, and it seemed like it wasn't going to happen. After the third house, we looked at about 15 or so. I was starting to give up. . .that is until my husband sent me an email with a house and told me I need to look at it right away. So I called up my agent, and scheduled a viewing. We saw about 2 houses before looking at this one. HOLY BALLS! This house was PERFECT! As soon as I pulled up to the house, I wanted to cry! This was it! The home was beautiful! I put in my offer the very same day and we negotiated! Finally we came to an agreement that we could all be happy with. Inspection day came along. I hired the same inspector (because he did such a wonderful job with the first house) and he said it looked wonderful! Just a few minor things that we could take care of ourselves. Boy, was I happy! That was the first bit of good news I had gotten in a while! The loan process went smoothly until closing. We all know the story so i'll skip the details. It sucked not to close on time, but eventually we did! Moving time came along. I had family there to help me move! There were 8 people here. Just enough for some of use to move stuff while the others hung out with the kids! The process was anything but smooth, from the U-haul rental, to getting stitches in my hand. I felt so useless. Not that I couldn't physically lift anything, but because if I did, I would tear my stitches. So I had to do light work and pretty much point to where everything was going. We got the house cleaned, and totally forgot about the tools to tear down this shed thing my husband built. Fortunately, housing offered to tear it down for free as long as they could keep the material. Fine by me! All that matters though is that we got it done, and with the help of my family, we are now moved in! It's such a great feeling.

On top of all that, however, I learned that my husband wasn't coming home for another month. I know it's not all bad, and to be honest, I expected that to happen, but i'm still pretty bummed out about it. I know he is, too. He is anxious to come back to a new home and his family, and I'm anxious for him to come home with us.

Nothing went like it should have, but just think, if those first two house actually went through, I wouldn't be in the home I am now! It all comes in time! I really think I learned a lesson here! Expect the unexpected.

So who wants to see pictures of the furnished home? Here ya go!!!

Daughter's room
Where's The baby? lol

My room!

My walk in closet!

My Son's Room


Living Room

Office/guest room



  1. Um I am so jealous of your kitchen love those cabinets! So sorry hubs is delayed! Sucks so bad been there!

    1. Lol thanks, Candice! You can come use my kitchen anytime! ;)And yeah it sucks but that's how it goes! More time for me to finish unpacking!! lol

  2. I saw the word military in your name and I just had to come over. We're a military family as well and I love reading other military blogs. Kinda like to hear what others are up to. I love the house but I especially love the kitchens. Congrats! We're in the process of looking for a home but we're also looking at another PCS move so that may be put aside. We're now following on bloglovin. :) GrowingUpMadison. :)