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DIY Decorative Dry Erase Board --Guest Post

22 August 2013

When The Mister deployed, I was so lost. There were so many things that I had to get used to. The most difficult of all was having a 4 year old and a 5 month old, alone (huge shout out to you single moms! I was alone for 10 months and that ish was hard!) and trying to keep up with all the day to day...things.

I was so disorganized that I didn't know what I was doing from one minute to the next. I nearly drowned in the mountain of dishes. Almost suffocated under the gargantuan dirty laundry pile. Could have lost my own in head in the grocery isle, at the DMV, or at the next doctor's appointment. I was ON THE EDGE the entire time he was gone!

Eventually though, I fell into a routine, but that was MONTHS later. I wish I had already had a plan. Even if I didn't stick to it the entire time or had to modify it later. I wish there had been some kind of plan to get me started. The emotions alone, are enough to paralyze you, add taking on everything by yourself and you lose track of it all.

So, when trying to decide what I would write about for you all here, a friend of suggested a simple DIY dry erase board. And you know what? I already had some made! I wish I had these when The Mister deployed. They probably could have helped me keep my sanity...what little I had to begin with anyway...


So here's what you'll need:

poster board
contact paper (you can get this at the dollar tree!)
picture frame with glass/plastic
ruler/straight edge
pencil permanent marker
dry erase markers

How to do it:

1.) cut contact paper to fit the backing of the frame and apply.
2.) Measure and cut the poster board to 1 -1 1/2 inch smaller than the backing of the picture frame.
3.) Using the ruler/straight edge and pencil, mark the lines on your poster board. (For the weekly, I made 7 wide columns and several small rows for making lists)
4.) Using the ruler/straight edge and marker, make the permanent lines.
5.) glue or tape poster board to the center of the backing, and VOILA! a nifty lil dry erase board!

Other dry erase board ideas:
Chore/behavior chart for little ones
Monthly calendar for tracking appointments

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