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Shine On Award!

18 August 2013

FINALLY! I have a spare moment to write!

The day my husband came home, a wonderful lady and blogger extraordinaire, Jenn, from My Daily Jenn-ism, awarded me with the Shine On Award! Wooh hoo!! Seriously an honor! I've followed her before I decided for myself that I would actually go public with a blog! (Does that sound too, hipster-ish?)

Well, like any award, the torch must be passed on, so to speak. And with it, there is rules. Psh, I got this!

RULE 1: Grab this award on your blog and grab this picture.  . .DONE!
RULE 2: Link this blog back to the person who sent you this award. 
I'm sure I don't have to convince you how amazing she is! She does a good job of convincing everyone, herself! That's just how it is when you have that much AWESOME-NESS radiating from you! ;) But in case you didn't know,here is her blog, and here is her FB page! Go check her out! 

RULE 3: State 7 facts about yourself. . . shit. Okay, here we go!

1: I LOVE COOKING!! Seriously, besides writing, this is my creative escape! I love trying new things in the kitchen!

2: I have entirely too much gray hair for my age!!!!!!!
3: I KNOW when i'm being cussed at in Cajun French!!!!! HAHA!

4: I love playing sports! Softball and basketball are my favorites! If I'm going to enjoy any kind of running, it better be while i'm playing these two sports! ;)
5: At one point in my life, I was allergic to shell fish. At the time I lived in Louisiana and it was summer time, which meant, crawfish boils! You think a little allergy stopped me from eating it?! HELL NO! I'm no longer allergic to any shellfish now! Point for me!

6: I may be a hard rock kinda girl, but I also enjoy blues, jazz, opera and theater music!

7: Pop Tarts make my tummy hurt! lol

. . .There. That wasn't so hard!

Rule 4: Pass this award along to 15 deserving bloggers! Now this is hard! There are so many bloggers out there that I absolutely love and admire! It's not exactly fair that I can only award 15. Rules are rules though! I encourage you to check all these folks out! DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! 


Delectably Dawn
My Little Circus & Me
Why Daddy Drinks
The Honest Mommy
Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy
Getting Stuffed

Let's give these folks a big round of applause!

Seriously though! Each of these blogs and bloggers are wonderful!! Go check them all out!

There is no pressure at all for you to pass this along! I absolutely think you folks rock and deserve a shout out!



  1. Thank you very much. We are so honored. Guess that means we have to take some time to write up a new post. :) Hope you're having a fab weekend!

    1. How am I just now seeing your post?! Lol It's not a problem! I love your blog, and Madison is super cute! I hope you have a wonderful week/weekend!!! :)