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05 August 2013

Well! This is how it all started, you know, the birth of this "Blogasm thing"! Click here to get the story!!

Well, miss Delectably Dawn gave me a Blogasm! Ain't she sweet?! I'm definitely a fan of her's and love her blogs, so I was pretty thrilled to get this from her! Lil' ole' me is being recognized! lol Before I start letting it get to my head. . . .I'm Going to pass the Blogasm to. . . . .wait for it. . . Can I pick more than one? No? Why not?! ugh. . .fine! lol My pick is . . . . .

Southern Mess Moms
YAY!! I love your blog! I hope you enjoy this because you certainly deserve it! Make sure you pass it along to another blogger!! :)

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  1. LOVE the new layout!! Very you!! Comforting, with a bit of a rockish flare! Love you!!