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Mother's Day: Part III

11 May 2013

To my amazing mother-in-law:

Ever heard of monster-in-laws? Not me! This woman is far from that! She is so caring, understanding, and best of all, she brought my wonderful husband into the world, and raised him right! I can't express how thankful I am to have her in my life!

Me and my husband got married kinda fast, and he didn't tell his family until after we got married (that turd). When he told me that, I thought, "Great. She will hate me!" I remember the first time she came to visit us when we were in Washington, after I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared! Well scared is an understatement. I was so relieved when I met her! She was so accepting and loving towards me, and our relationship has only grown from there! 

She has always been someone I could go to for anything. Seriously. I can talk to her about anything! I can vent to her even if it's about her son! Hehe! She is alway here just at the right moments when I need someone the most! ( talk about good timing!) 

I'm so happy to be apart of your family, Karla! Thank you for such a wonderful gift! Thanks for putting up with me and all my quirks! I love you very much and am beyond blessed that you are a part of my life! Happy Mother's Day! 

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