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Oh, your husband is on business trip? Please. . .continue to complain about how your life is going to be a complete mess for 2 days. . .

14 May 2013

Something that no military wife wants to EVER hear from her civilian friends. . .

"My husband is leaving for a week, few days, etc, and I don't know how i'm going to make it! I'm so sad!"

First of all . . .really? Are you that hung up on your man and depend on him to take care of you? Are you not a "big girl" and can't take care of things without him? Go do some soul searching.

Now ladies, military and civilian, please retract your claws. . .not needed here. . .yet. . .

I think we can all agree, when our husbands go away for "X" amount of days or weeks, sucks, no matter who you are! There is always worry and fear about their husbands, and that is completely understandable. But this is where you and I differ. . .

I'm not going to down play the "suckiness" of your husband being gone, trust me, I know how it feels! But when you go on, being a complete mess, I could seriously smack the crap out of you and yell at you to get your shit together! See, we differ because my husband goes to a deployed location, sleeps in a tent, worries about being in another country and praying that the deployment goes smoothly where he is as well as at home. We differ because I worry about something happening to my husband, whether he is drinking enough water, because the weather can be very unforgiving, that he is taking care of himself, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  I worry about my husband not coming home.

I know that when it comes to his job, I have no say-so. His job tells him when and where to go and your ass better be prepared for it! Your husband might be able to skip that business trip, to help you out with something going on, and that's great! I don't have that luxury. The military comes before family (from the military's point of view). Service before self. . .That's our way of life.

You can't relate unless you have been there. You don't go through the worry that I do. But hey! Thanks for trying! I do appreciate it!

We can talk all you want about how sucky it is to have your husband gone! I don't mind! I do like venting! But don't you dare fall apart and start feeling sorry for yourself, because if I can do it for 6-12 months, you can deal with a few days or weeks.

Now with all that, Military ladies, if your civilian friends have trouble getting around without their loved ones, help them, don't resent them. You have experience. You can teach someone a valuable lesson! Don't shut them out because you can't get over your own jealously of them having their husband. Remember, your husband chose his career, and her husband chose his. I'm sure she could use your help and your resources. Please keep that in mind.

Civilian friends, I love you, but to avoid claws, Just stay away from the subject. Never know how some ladies will react!

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