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4 Years later, learned a lot and I still don't know jack!

30 September 2013

Four years of being a parent. Well, nine days shy of 4 years. . .

I have learned quite a bit about being a parent. One of the most important thing I have learned so far, is that WE ALL SUCK AS PARENTS! Sure, laugh now. We are apparently the worst folks on the planet. Kids throw a fit in the store, peoples death ray's start being aimed in your direction. You aren't doing a good job. Get your damn kids in line! Get your kids vaccinated. Assholes must intervene saying you are poisoning your child, and running the risk of giving your child autism. You suck as a parent. Get your kid circumcised, you obviously are an idiot and you are mutilating your child. You suck at life. You should quit. Breast feed your child until they are 2, you are coddling. Bottle feed your baby, you suck as a parent you and are causing problems.
Everyone's a critic. We all have different views. There are so many books and experts out there that tell you what you should, and shouldn't do, that a lot of parents follow like dodo birds. Not saying there is anything wrong with books. they give a lot of insight, and advice. However, ones advice doesn't always work for you. Especially when it comes to parenting styles. I'm not at all a perfect parent. Far from it, actually! I yell a lot.  I'm not the most patient person when I have to repeat myself more than 10 times. I'm constantly questioning myself. You know. . . questioning myself about everything I do. I love my kids more than anything. But sometimes, I can be down right mean. Not spiteful, but when I get frustrated and raise my voice, It sounds mean. I try my best. But sometimes, my temper and anxiety get the best of my voice. So there. I suck as a parent.

We are so focused on what ourselves, and everyone else is doing wrong. We fail to see how great we truly are. We love our children. We do our best for them. We love them. We care for them. We are their primary teachers. There is so much that we are to our kids. We always strive to be better than our parents were, and give our children what we didn't have. There's room for improvement for us all! No one has all the answers. We can search for what an expert says, hanging on every word, or we can just be parents. Do what works for us. Trust the instincts that we were born with. We will continue to learn about ourselves and our children, everyday. Cherish every moment. There are no re-dos in life. Keep on sucking! ;)

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