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Young Beauties: Is it really worth it?

15 October 2013

I'm for good competition among kids. Not a "cat scratching" kind of competition, but the kind of competition that requires you to be a good sport, play clean, and by the rules. The kind where a kid will give 100 percent, and enjoy what they are doing. If they lose, it's okay. Disappointment is a big part of life that kids should learn. Maybe i'm alone on this one, but when a child becomes disappointed from losing that big basketball game, teach them that it's okay. You can always improve. It's not always about winning. It's about fun and boosting a kids self-esteem, and at the same time, teaching them valuable lessons.

I watched a documentary on beauty pageants for children a few months ago, and it made me sick. Let's start off with the figures.

Shoes and fancy socks-about $25-$50, maybe even more
Accessories -$30-$100
Makeup, fake eyelashes, nails-estimated to $100-$150
Spay tan-$25-$30
Hair piece- $50-$60
Flipper teeth (if you child is losing baby teeth)-$550 and up
Entry fee-$50-$500
Glamour shots-$200-$300
Trainer-$20-$50 an hour

That's right. I'm sure I'm missing some items. But that comes out to over $2,000 PER COMPETITION! Holy smokes! That's a lot of money.

Do you find this to ring true?
Let me be clear: I'M NOT AGAINST BEAUTY PAGEANTS! I'm all for cute kids showing off their talents for a trophy if that's what they want to do. What kid doesn't like to show off? I know my daughter loves too! She loves showing off her sweet dance moves and singing voice! What I am against, is the judges, the caked on make-up, the tanning, the fake eyelashes, the false teeth. . .

Are our little girls not good enough without this? Why can't our girls show their real beauty instead of looking like adult porn stars? I find it very ridiculous with the short outfits, cut off tops, short shorts, shaking the booties like grown women on stage and how plastic they appear. . .for what? For money? Prizes? Is it worth a kid's self esteem?

They are judged by people who say you have to look a certain way if you want to win. You have to be perfect. You have to have all your teeth. (because lord knows, if you lose any baby teeth, you look ugly -_-)
You have to walk a certain way, talk a certain way, have the right colored skin. . .Pretty much, you can't look or act like a little girl. How does this build self esteem? By teaching them that if you aren't perfect, you aren't beautiful? Last I checked, no human being is perfect. A young child is as close to perfect as you will get. A little girl needs to embrace her natural beauty, and we as parents, should encourage our daughters to be themselves.

If a child gets older and decides on their own, this is what they want to do, fine. Your child made that choice. Just let her know she is beautiful without the makeup and all the fake crap that goes along with it.

What are your thoughts? I'm curious to hear them. . .    

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